Thursday, June 11, 2009

Raining day

Feeling damn cold today in the office. Hence, I walked to pantry and had a cup of hot coffee.
I'm standing at the 19th floor of Menara Standard Chartered and look at the view of the weather outside.

It's raining outside now. It's not really heavy rain, but can see the rain drop was so weak and blow by the wind strongly.

The view of raining always recall a lot of our memories. I don't know whether you are having the same feeling with me or not??

For me, raining day always easily to recall those not really good memories of mine.

Sometime, it's also will make me to thinking and missing somebody at some other place.

In my mind now, there is no romance memories can be recall.

I just thinking of my study life at UUM last time. Really have a good time with my dear roomate ShuTing. My mind pop up the screen of our hostel room...Outside our room was raining, both of us eating maggie mee inside the room..curry flavour..emmm....really yummy yummy!!...haha...then we chit chat around...pi li pa la..laughing like crazy woman...what such a warm and sweet memory of me during raining day...miss that a lot...are you, roomate?

A friend of mine had been told me that she was thinking to in love with a guy during this kind of weather...haha...Yes, I did agreed. Definetly girls are always have this kind of feeling which is related to love love love...Try to think that if dating with the one you love during raining day. Feel so warm and romance right? haha..

Now...a moment like this, I just wish my cold hand can be hold by someone and slowly turning to warm...wah...what kind of romance dreaming...haha....

At least, that is not a bad feeling or bad thinking compare to if I recall those bad memories..... Good bye sad memories... :)